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Old and Sketchy.

What seems like forever ago, (I can’t say what one forever really equates to but a few years with a bit of exaggeration is about the conversion for me) I received an end of the summer present ¬†from a really sweet boss, consisting of artists soap and a watercolor moleskine notebook. By that time, I was out of the messy studios and pretty much living in the New Paltz GD labs or on my laptop, so I passed along the soap to a painting major friend of mine who was much more frequently covered in art mess. As for the moleskine… have you ever experienced the fear of ruining a brand new, quality, pretty sketchbook that you can’t tear pages out of and hide your mistakes from the world? Yeah, well, that. I stared at it forever. None of my ideas were good enough to grace the pages. And what if I messed up the execution? Such a thoughtful gift deserved better than that.

And then I got the push I needed from a friends encouragement… stop over-thinking and just start something already.

So I did. And some of what went in there.. most, of what went in there.. is quite utterly bizarre. They’re by no means masterpieces. But I made them, and I don’t think the book is too upset with me for it.

Now, years after this ordeal, there are still a TON of blank pages in this thing. So in starting this new incarnation of my website, I’m going to resolve to create at least one new drawing in it per week and post it here.

In the meantime, here are some of those initial endeavors from about 2010ish.

I still hold that advice to heart too. If you have a terrifying empty sketchbook somewhere, or a project you have to start… just stop over-thinking and start something already.

Click top image to view gallery. Sketches created with ink and Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils.

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